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Server is down, the reason for this is because we are under taking Server Reset. This is because we haven't reset the Map for a long time. So we want to give new player an opportunity to start fresh and finding a new spot for living.

We will be holding Reset sale which is 50% Off everything in our server store!
As you could see the server have been down for little big longer time we have expected, this is because somehow our Hosting Company have deleted all server files and now they are recovering them back to normal. But we are facing other issues with connecting to the server or loading up the plugins. But please stay in touch we are working hard on it to be fixed. So standby with me and others.

If you are donator and you have donated to the server please standby we will turn the server back and provide your stuff back.

Server Down

[Owner] ProMiner822 a posted Apr 22, 14
Server is down for .jar problems which is basically the Version of craftbukkit the Server is running on, and there is an issue of reading any Jars that are inserted into the .jar folder or picked from an Panel provided. So I have contacted Support so they are trying to fix it as soon as possible :)

I can't estimate time when the server will be back up. Hopefully soon.
iand456 when the server does get back up will you reset the world?

Server Is Down

[Owner] ProMiner822 a posted Jan 30, 14
Sorry for the server being down, we are having some issues with the Hosting Company, they should fix it soon as possible, I assume there is a problem in the whole Server Node which is causing the downtime. We will be back up soon. Also there is Server reset which you will all have new beginning for the new players and older players. We do this to reduce lag and make the server more clear. If you are an donator we will give you your donation package back with the items you bought from us.

Ham445/Kidkthulhu when the server comes back up i had the VIP donation but as ham445 but my friend whants his account back so could i get ...
llucaxu NOOOOO NO MORE RESETS!!!!! :=O
Internal Server Error has been fixed for the players that couldn't join the game. We have deleted the database for them so they spawn back to Spawn. If any other players get this Issue please report it on the forum or under this Post. So we can do the same for them.

To celebrate Christmas on the server we have given you free /kit present this is a present from the server and the Staff team so everyone get the fair amount of Items as a presents.

If you want to Improve and donate to the server we are giving 50% off sale from our store! This will last until 1st January. So don't miss out the sale and donate so we can improve and add more servers to our Community which will bring more players to the server and help us out.

for_the_wookies i can log in it say failed to connect to server hen it says im not on the white list
Ham445/Kidkthulhu please fix internal server error for me the names Kidkthulhu and i been using ham445 for it but my friend wants the acco ...
RedScorpion777 please fix internal server error for me my name is RedScorpion777 i am guardian.